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 Introducing the Horizon V  The world's first True-4K Virtual Reality Headset

As HMD technology progresses the search for ever-increasing realness and higher resolution has resulted in a virtual arms race in display pixel density.

The race is over.

Enter the 4K Horizon V from BlackRock VR. Utilizing dual razor-sharp 7" 4K low-persistance OLED panels initially developed for the 2015 smartphone/tablet market. The Horizon V delivers eye-popping clarity at over 629 ppi. At BlackRock we are forging a bleeding-edge HMD unlike any other on Earth.  One in which reality is eclipsed completely as the crystal-clear VR environment envelopes 96% of the eye's FOV taking over the brain's neuro-optical sensory system.

4K VR is here. and we're not waiting for the 'big guys' to bring it to you.

The Blackrock Horizon V.  Reality will never be the same.

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**Shipping Q2 2015


The world's first 4k UHD Virtual Reality Headset
-coming in  Q2 2015
True-4K resolution in full-3D

Utilizing two of the world's first 7" 4K resolution active-OLEDs, the Horizon V serves up a massive 3840x2160 pixel array per eye.  That's over 8 million pixels of incredible color saturation and clarity.  At a whopping 629ppi, pixels are not visible to the eye at this level through the integrated fresnel lens optics.

Dual 4k front-mounted pass-thru cameras

Instantly see what's in front of you by pressing the one-click "X-vision" button on the top of the goggles, allowing you to "see" the world in front of you virtually in 4K 3D.  Ideal for typing on the keyboard or grab a mouse.

Proprietary Fresnel Magnification

Dual proprietary design fresnel lenses bring the action closer to you, filling up to 96% of FOV vision at 210 H and 90 V with 4K clarity, making the experience far more convincing to the mind than 1080p and avoiding the screen-door effect of 1st gen HMD's entirely. 4k OLED is the future of VR and we are hoping to make it happen.

17-point advanced motion tracking system.

With our proprietary 17-point motion-tracking system we've dubbed V-motion, you're never out of touch with your surroundings in terms of movement. Where you turn your head is where you look in the VR world. Move forward or backwards or lean left and right -it's all there. Low-persistance OLEDs virtually eliminate ghosting, motion blur or motion sickness.  The result is an experience so natural and believable, it has to be tried to be appreciated fully.

Future-proof connectivity

Cutting-edge connectivity via future-ready 2x HDMI 2.0 and 2x Displayport 1.2.  Utilizing ultra-fast connections the V offers up some of the fastest refresh rates in the industry, future-proofing the unit and virtually eliminating problematic VR issues like screen tearing, artifacts, ghosting and lag.


We've designed the V to be one of the most comfortable HMDs on the market today, at a super light target weight of just 485g, we promise it won't tire you out before the game does.

4K is the future of gaming and VR - own it today

Horizon V - VR Evolved


some of the experiences of those who've tried the Horizon V 4K HMD prototype.

-"mind-blowing! picture-clear like a window..."  -"the difference is indescribable-  unbelievably realistic"

-"simply beautiful color! Where are the pixels??"

-"4K, this is light-years ahead"

-"the V is a visual revolution"


games and virtual reality like never before possible, in revolutionary 4K.  Guaranteed to play nice with Unreal Engine 4.



Pre-order a V today and be one of the first to experience the 4K evolution of VR in Q2 2015.

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4K development from the ground up.

Tired of waiting until other HMD manufacturer's deem their units "perfect" before releasing them to market, while endlessly upgrading resolution- we've gone ahead with our own design and are developing it with 4K maximum resolution which is the minimum in order to achieve a sufficiently high pixel density of 629ppi, making the pixels indiscernable under fresnel magnification optics.

4K comparison

We are skipping the intermediate step

of 1080p resolution thereby eliminating the "screen door effect" and the "uncanny valley" which plague hmd's of only 720 or 1080p resolution- we are starting with the best and developing intuitively backwards-. With 4k, the illusion of reality is already there- adding 3D into the mix only makes it better.  Help us make the VR evolutionary leap -preorder one today.

Our commitment to a gaming-ready unit

The first production run of the Horizon will be run as a consumer ready version, and not as a half finished dev kit. It will be a completely workable product from the get-go. Any issues or improvements that would develop over time will be addressed via downloadable firmware upgrades and driver updates. Improved versions of the V will be released as the V2, V3 etc, but no "dev kit" multi-year waiting periods spoken here. This means we won't be delaying release indefinitely while showing unavailable products at E3 for you to drool over.

**What will my PC require?

While 4K can be "pushed" from mid-range graphics cards, in order to have the best experience possible the V will need two of the following-

  • Nvidia GTX 690, Titan, or greater.
  • AMD 280x, 290 or greater

**Individual games will require more output of your graphics cards and greatly affect the frame rate.  We recommend checking with the game's developers to determine your cards 4K fps rate to acheive a minimum of at least 30fps. 

Our 2 year unconditional Warranty

Each unit will be backed 100% against defects for a full two years.  We want you to have the best VR experience possible, and unhappy gamers and defective units stand in the way of that goal.  30 day satisfaction guarantee - If you are unsatisfied with the unit for any reason during the first 30 days after you recieve it, simply return it for a full refund -no questions asked. 

2 Year Warranty


For more q&a, please see our faqs.

The Horizon V 4K HMD - Reality Evolved

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The Horizon V 4K HMD - Reality Evolved

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